5 Easy Safeguards for Your Mother’s Next Visit

They say you can’t go home again. Instead, home comes to you every time your mother visits.

Hosting Mom means bonding with her up close and personal while treating her to an extended vacation. A win-win for everyone, right?

Umm…sure. Although you love her dearly and would do anything for her, it takes serious planning to ensure Mom’s visit goes well. For her, you, and your family. Here are five easy safeguards to remember:

Move all the living room furniture to the perimeter – just in case anything goes down! Although you’ve prepped your wife about your mother’s stay and they’ve been friends long enough, there’s really no telling what might happen when they spend more than a few days together in tight quarters. If the fur starts to fly this will ensure nothing gets broken.

Keep the liquor cabinet unlocked – for your sake. Hopefully every night she stays ends with a board game after dinner and a kiss goodnight. But…if things don’t turn out so rosy, a key to the booze stash will be one more thing to misplace. Of course, leaving the liquor cabinet open might tempt your mother if she’s prone to anxiety. Anxiety would make her drink all your Johnnie Walker. Put her at ease by keeping a fridge full of Natural Light.

Unplug the oven, toaster and microwave – so she’s not tempted to cook. This applies mostly to Irish mothers. You can safely ignore this if your mom’s a good cook/ Italian.

Reminisce immediately – so you can get it out-of-the-way. Make a joke about your teenage mullet as soon as she knocks on the front door. Before she can put her bags away, reference the time you “borrowed” her car and got caught. Thankfully, you only spent 48 hours in jail. Later that afternoon, bring up the time she found the love letter you wrote to your fourth grade crush. By beating her to the punch, you’ll remove the urge for her to reminisce the rest of her stay.

Create a clear pathway to the baby’s room –  so your mother can get in there quickly. Although you were once her baby, she’s found someone new. Her grandkid.  She’s putting up with all the indignities of staying with you only to spend time with her new bff. Keep this in mind and don’t take it personal. You too will ignore your kids on the day they make you a grandparent.

As your mother gets older, let these visits remind you that she won’t always be around. Don’t take her for granted. Savor the time she’s spent in your house and remember…this will probably be her last visit. Because she finally took your advice, sold the house, and will now be moving in with you…before Christmas.


Remember, she came to visit him, not you!


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